Front-to-Back Warranty

  • First 6 Years – Cotton State Barns will cover defects [normal aging & wear excluded] with regards to materials* and craftsmanship AT NO CHARGE TO YOU.six year front to back warranty
    We Stand behind our product – period.
  • Cotton State Barns has always been and will remain dedicated to the old-fashioned concepts of honesty, integrity, work ethic and quality.
  • Limited Life-Time Warranty | All of our pressure treated materials have a lifetime warranty against termite damage and fungal decay.


Cotton State Barns warrants to the purchaser that his or her barn is free of defects with regards to both craftsmanship and materials upon delivery, and will repair or replace any component that does not provide reasonable service under normal use for a period of six (6) years from the date of purchase of a new barn, or six (6) years from the manufactured date of a pre-owned and/or discounted barn (see section labeled “Limitations”).  Such action will be based upon Cotton State Barn’s examination and satisfaction that any such defects merit Warranty coverage, and once completed, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities and obligations of Cotton State Barns under this Warranty.

Furthermore, this Warranty will not apply to any Cotton State Barn product, or any part thereof, which has been damaged by weather, earthquake, hail, wind, fire, water, flood, earth movement, accident, other natural event, theft, vandalism, act of God, or any such casualty which is customarily covered by Homeowners’ Insurance. This Warranty does not cover damages to the barn’s contents, or any other personal property.  Also, certain actions will void the Warranty, and include, but are not limited to, alterations and modifications such as ramps, steps, ladders, decks, or other modifications that have been made by the customer, or third parties.  This Warranty does not cover broken windows or glass not reported at the time of the initial delivery and setup.  This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of any materials or products from normal use that can occur over time, and which can include cosmetic changes in the appearance of wood or metal materials or products that are not structural.  This Warranty does not cover missing or lost keys.  This Warranty does not cover damage caused by any other misuse, alteration, neglect, improper maintenance, or abuse not specifically described in the preceding.  Multiple trips to re-level a building may indicate an unsuitable foundation or ground condition, in which case those trips may be determined by Cotton State Barns to not be covered by this Warranty.

In addition, Cotton State Barns makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to materials, accessories, or parts incorporated into any storage building whereby the supplier or manufacturer of those materials, accessories, or parts have warranties on such materials, accessories, or parts which exceed the warranty set forth above.  Cotton State Barns assumes no liability for said materials, accessories, or parts, and the purchaser of the barn must assert any claim under such warranties against any such supplier or manufacturer.  At the sole discretion of Cotton State Barns, Cotton State Barns may decide to include under its Warranty the parts and accessories from other manufacturers described herein.


This warranty is limited regarding Pre-Owned and/or Discounted* buildings, and specifically does not cover cosmetic changes or imperfections regarding Pre-Owned and/or Discounted buildings*, or any other issue regarding Pre-Owned and/or Discounted buildings (such as aging or damages) that was, or may have been, the reason for any or all discounted pricing.  However, Cotton State Barns may warranty Pre-Owned and/or Discounted buildings for a period of 6 years from the date of manufacture for the following:

(1)  Roof leaks, provided the leak is not caused by a nullifying exclusion expressed in this warranty, or is the reason for a discounted price.

(2)  Any material or craftsmanship issues, which in Cotton State Barn’s sole discretion are deemed to be unsound, but were not a reason for any discounted pricing.

*Discounted buildings are defined as any building, new or used, that was sold for less than the current brochure pricing at the time of sale.
*Water sealant not included.
(Pre-Owned barns and/or discounted barns are sold ‘as is’, and some warranties may not apply, in part or in their entirety.)