Free Delivery and Set-Up for Your New Storage Barn

Will your new barn be delivered and set up within 50 miles of your Cotton State Barns dealership? Then there’s no delivery or set-up fee! Read on for more details.

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How to Prepare for the Delivery of Your New Structure

Every delivery site is different. Here’s some guidance so you can be prepared on delivery day:

No ground prep is necessary if the installation site is no more than three feet out of level in any direction.

We will provide wooden leveling blocks at no charge if the site is no more than one foot out of level in any direction.

If the site is more than one foot out of level in any direction, the customer must provide concrete blocks for leveling.

Labor will be free to place customer-supplied concrete blocks until the barn is level. However, labor will be charged at $150 per layer to place concrete blocks beyond the point of leveling.

The site must be accessible to trucks, trailers, and set-up equipment.

We will not cross adjacent properties to deliver without the express consent of the property owner. We will not cross adjacent properties for any rent-to-own structure delivery.

The customer is solely responsible for all necessary permits and licenses (legal requirements of any kind) regarding any aspect of purchasing or renting a Cotton State Barn.

The customer is responsible for all determinations regarding ground conditions and site suitability. Cotton State Barns and our affiliates will not be held responsible for any underground or surface damages caused during the delivery process.

Removal of obstacles such as trees, limbs, and fences is the responsibility of the customer.

Any delivery concerns you have can be addressed by the helpful staff at your local Cotton State Barns dealership. Contact them for more information.

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