Your Questions About Outdoor Storage Sheds, Barns, & More—Answered

Whether you’re searching for a wooden shed, outdoor storage shed, cabin, or garage, you’ll have questions about using these structures to increase your storage space. We’ve compiled answers to the questions most frequently asked at our dealerships here, to help you decide on the best structure for you. As always, contact a dealer near you for more information about Cotton State Barns’ products.

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    About Cotton State Barns’s Products

    • Why Should I Consider Purchasing a Cotton State Barns Storage Barn?

      • The quality, craftsmanship, affordability, standard features, customization options, engineer-certified components, and warranties! We give you the best bang for your hard-earned buck.

    • What Size Outdoor Storage Shed Should I Choose?

      • We recommend that you consider your current and future storage needs. It’s usually more economical to buy “a little extra space” now than to upgrade later. Learn about our structures’ dimensions and contact the dealer closest to you with more questions.

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    About Customization

    • Can I Customize My Cotton State Barn?

      • Absolutely! From adding (or moving) windows and doors to choosing your favorite colors, our barns can be built to satisfy almost any preference or need.

    • Where Can I Learn About Customization Options for Cotton State Barns?

      • Our many window, door, flooring, insulation, siding, electrical, and color options can be found on this website and in our catalog. We have so many ways to make your barn uniquely yours.

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    About Finding a Dealer

    • How Can I Find the Nearest Cotton State Barns Dealer?

      • Simply click on “Find a Dealer,” enter your zip code, and you’ll easily be able to find a dealer in your area.

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    About Free Delivery & Setup in Alabama

    • When Will My Outdoor Storage Shed Be Delivered?

      • Once our home office approves your sale, we can usually deliver your barn within five to ten business days if it was purchased from a dealer’s sales lot and within three to four weeks if it was built to order. However, circumstances beyond our control (such as seasonal demand, weather, ground conditions, etc.) can sometimes alter these time targets.

    • What Will My Out-of-Pocket Cost be for Delivery?

      • Delivery and set-up are FREE within a 50-mile radius of the dealer’s location. For distances greater than 50 miles, there is a mileage fee based on current fuel prices, etc.

    • Where Can My Wooden Shed or Storage Barn Be Placed?

      • All sites must be accessible for our delivery and set-up equipment. Your dealer can provide more details. If you’re renting to own, access to sites cannot require crossing an adjacent property not owned by the same landowner. We strongly discourage placing barns directly under power lines; in fact, this is prohibited in many areas. If the barn is rent-to-own, we reserve the right to not place it under a power line.

    • What Site Preparation is Necessary for My Outdoor Storage Shed?

      • No site prep is necessary if the site is no more than three feet out of level in any direction. If the site is no more than one foot out of level in any direction, we provide wood leveling blocks free of charge. If the site is more than one foot out of level in any direction, customer-provided concrete blocks are required.

        The installation of concrete blocks is free to the point the barn is level. There are additional fees of $150 per layer for further concrete blocking above the point of level.

        It is the customer's sole responsibility to remove tree limbs, debris, fencing, or any other such obstacles that may hinder or prohibit the delivery of a barn prior to the delivery attempt. Fees for failed delivery attempts may be charged if a delivery cannot be completed because such obstacles or encumbrances have not been removed.

    • Who is Responsible for Damages Resulting from a Delivery or Delivery Attempt?

      • Cotton State Barns and our affiliates are not responsible for any above-ground or underground damages that may result from a delivery or delivery attempt. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to assess ground conditions and suitability before delivery. Fees for failed delivery attempts may be charged if a delivery cannot be completed.

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    About Permits & Licenses

    • What Legal Permits and Licenses are Required to Purchase a Cottons State Barns Structure?

      • The answer to this question varies from area to area and from state to state. While many locations do not require permitting and licensing, many do. It is the sole responsibility of our customer to contact their local authorities and find out what permits and/or licenses may be required and to purchase any such mandated permits and/or licenses.

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    About the Cotton State Barns Rent-To-Own Program

    • Does My Approval for Rent-To-Own Require a Credit Check?

      • No, our rent-to-own program does not require a credit check. We will never ask for your credit rating or for information about your credit history.

    • How Much Money is Required Up-Front for a Rent-To-Own Barn?

      • A small security deposit is required for all rent-to-own and C.O.D. sales, though we do currently offer a No-Money-Down option for those who qualify (See the “About Our No-Money-Down Program” portion of this page.)

    • When is My First Rental Payment Due?

      • Your first rental payment is due on the 10th of the first billing cycle following the delivery of your barn. You will not pay rent on your barn until it has been delivered to your site.

    • Can I place a rent-to-own barn on property I do not own?

      • Yes, but we strongly recommend having the landowner’s express permission before doing so. Also, we cannot place rent-to-own barns on a property that must be accessed by crossing an adjacent property owned by a different landowner.

    • Can I Pay Off My Rent-To-Own Barn Early Without Penalty and Without Affecting My Credit Rating?

      • Yes. Many rent-to-own Cotton State Barns customers choose to do this instead of renting the barn for the full term of the contract.

    • Where Do I Send My Monthly Rental Payments?

      • You will receive a monthly statement with the mailing information you need. If you have any other questions, please contact Southern Lease Management Group.

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    About Our 90-Days-Same-As-Cash Program

    • What are the Advantages of Paying Off My Rent-To-Own Contract Within 90 Days of Delivery?

      • If you have paid all your monthly rental payments on time and want to pay off your rent-to-own contract within 90 days of the delivery of your barn, your payoff amount will be equal to the cash price you would have paid on the day of purchase, less the total of the rental payments you have made. Your security deposit will also be refunded.

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    About Our C.O.D. Program

    • Can I Wait to Pay for My Outdoor Storage Shed at the Time of Delivery?

      • Yes, you can pay C.O.D., provided that you pay a 10% deposit up front, you or your representative is present when the delivery is made, and you pay the full remaining balance (including tax) to the delivery person with a credit card (a 3% fee will be assessed), check, cashier’s check, or money order (all made payable to CTH Rentals, Inc.)

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    About Our No-Money-Down Program

    • How Can I Qualify for the No-Money-Down Program?

      • You must have an active checking account (not a new account) with a positive balance verified by the Automated Clearing House (some financial institutions and/or holding companies do not qualify). You must authorize a monthly payment to be automatically drafted from this checking account on a set date of the 5th, 10th, or 15th of each month (you can choose). Debit cards and credit cards are not accepted for the No-Money-Down program.

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    About Our Build-On-Site Program

    • Can I Purchase a Cotton State Barns Wooden Shed if My Property (or access) is Not Suitable for a Pre-Built Barn?

      • Yes. We offer a Build-On-Site program for when delivery of a prebuilt barn is not possible. However, certain restrictions apply, including:

        • We will not paint, stain, or otherwise treat build-on-site barns due to overspray concerns.
        • We will not sell build-on-site barns on rent-to-own contracts.
        • We will not sell build-on-site barns on our C.O.D. program. All monies are due up front at the time of purchase with certified funds (no personal checks).
        • We will not offer refunds for build-on-site purchases.

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    About Our Warranties

    • What Will My Cotton State Barns Warranties Cover?

      • Cotton State Barns offers a SIX-YEAR, FRONT-TO-BACK WARRANTY on material defects and craftsmanship of our products for every new barn we sell. Normal aging, wear-and-tear, weather-related issues, customer damages, and some components provided by other suppliers are excluded. Cotton State Barns offers a limited lifetime warranty on all pressure-treated wood components regarding termite damage and fungal decay.
    • How Do I Submit a Warranty Claim?

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Storage Sheds, Wooden Sheds, and Barns from Cotton State Barns

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